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You’ll find that a lot of the images are links [ so enjoy your experience ] and find out where they will take you regarding the few, the proud, the Marines.  If your thinking about becoming a member  you’ll find lots of material that will definitely provide you with a learning experience – you’ll be able to augment your current knowledge base. Should I say that is guaranteed, I guess you’ll have to become a member to prove me wrong!


. . .thanks for visiting our site, I hope your experience was a rewarding one – I have noticed on a few social venues that a lot of Marines have definitely put the skills they acquired on recruiting duty to good use – looking forward to you becoming a member of an association that will  perpetuate the values/traditions of the corps – especially those pertaining to recruiting.


NOTE: . . .for those individuals who happen to drop by because they are looking for information regarding the U. S. Marine Corps or are just curious about the site.  Thanks for dropping in, if you are interested in becoming one of The Few, The Proud, The Marines I recommend you contact your local Marine Corps recruiter or email us at RecruitUSMC@outlook and we will forward the information to the nearest Marine Corps recruiting office.


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