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Mission Statement of RecruitUSMC

Actively participate as an advocate of the recruitment of qualified individuals into the ranks of the United States Marine Corps – foster a heaven of camaraderie for those individuals who have served [ both Marines-Civilians ] and or are currently serving honorably in/on Marine Corps Recruiting Duty, openly share those thoughts, ideas, techniques, knowledge and principles that impacted on the accomplishment of assigned missions – if possible provide assistance to individuals—Marines and their families that may be in need—scholarships or something as simple and giving as an attentive ear and lastly to uphold the standards, values and doctrines that make us the few, the proud, the Marines.

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Meeting one of our recruiters gives you direct access to a Marine who has trained beside recruits, served alongside Marines, and knows exactly what is required to become one of The Few, The Proud, The Marines.



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History of Recruiting

With the founding of the Corps in 1775, the first recruiting drive was held at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. At the time, the recruiting of volunteers was the responsibility of the various barracks commanders scattered throughout the United States to guard naval installations and man ships. Recruiting posters through-out this time and up to the American Civil War promised prospective recruits of bounties and prizes for service at sea.


After the end of the draft in the United States in 1972, recruiters had to shift from merely processing recruits to actively seeking and encouraging them to join an all-volunteer force.  You’ll find that there are only a few Marine Corps installations stateside, and because of the that -Marine Corps recruiters are typically the public face of the Corps, seen most commonly by the civilian population.